Saab SF-37 / SH-37 Viggen

SF-37 Viggen

System 37 introduced a complete generation of combat aircraft produced in 5 different versions using a virtually identical airframe.

The SF-37 replaced the S35E Draken and is optimised for over-land reconnaissance. Twenty eight aircraft were delivered between 1977 and 1980, serial numbers 37950-37977. The airframe lacks a radar and carries various cameras in the nose. Three SKa24C-120 cameras provide horizon to horizon coverage. A single SKa 24-57 camera provides wide angle pictures. Two SKa 31-600 cameras are used for high altitude or stand-off photography. The VKA 702 infra-red linescan is also carried. For night photography, the SH37 carries a special pod on the on the fuselage station. The pod is equipped with three SKa 34-75 cameras equipped with IR sensitive film in the front compartment and electronic IR flashes in the rear compartment.

SH-37 Viggen

The SH-37 replaced the S32C Lansen and is optimised for maritime reconnaissance - 27 were delivered between 1975 and 1980 - serials 37901-37927. The aircraft have a LM Ericsson Multimode radar in the nose and a single SKa 24D-600 camera semi-permanently mounted on the right fuselage station for photographing what the radar display discovers.

Although a highly capable aircraft, the Viggen failed to attract any export orders and has only ever seen service with the Swedish Armed Forces.