Unusual Aircraft

Andover of 51 Sqn

Hawker Siddeley Andover C Mk 1 Serial XS644 served with 51 Sqn on various SIGINT tasks for a number of years. Although it's impossible to determine the actual use of this aircraft from the photograph, it was most likely used for training intercept operators.

Hastings of 51 Sqn

A Handley Page Hastings was also used by 51 Sqn for a number of years, during which it was used mainly used for a variety of equipment tests.

Varsity of 51 Sqn

A Vickers Varisty Serial WJ911 was also on the strength of 51 Sqn for some years during which it was mainly used for training personnel for SIGINT duties.

Tp-82 Varsity

In 1953, after the loss of an ELINT Dakota, Sweden purchased a Tp-82 Vickers Varsity. This aircraft was operated as a ELINT platform by the Swedish Air Force for a number of years and was frequently photographed droning slowly around the Baltic. In 1960 he Varsity was replaced by 2 second hand Aerospatiale SE210 Caravelle's. The Varsity is slowly rusting away outside at the Swedish Air Force Museum at Linkoping.

A Beech-99 was converted for ELINT by Chile.

Japan used a Kawasaki built Neptune known as EP-21J for SIGINT duties for a number of years.