Tupolev Tu-22 Blinder-C

TU-22 Blinder-C An unusual military design, the Tu-22 Blinder carried a crew of 3 and was designed as a high-speed bomber powered by 2 Koliesov VD-7 turbojets of over 30,000lb st thrust each with afterburning mounted above the rear fuselage - at altitude this aircraft achieved Mach 1.5. However, the high speed of the aircraft resulted in a limited range and only 250 aircraft were eventually built.

TU-22 Blinder-C The Blinder-A was a reconnaissance bomber which entered service in 1961 and as well as cameras, carried free-fall nuclear or conventional bombs in a fuselage weapons bay. Four or six cameras were also carried in another fuselage bay. Blinder-B was similar to Blinder A, but was equipped to carry the Kitchen air-to-surface missile.

Blinder-C was a maritime reconnaissance version with six camera windows in the weapons bay doors as well as various items of ELINT equipment. A number of Blinder's are still believed to operated by Russia. The Blinder was sold to Libya and Iraq, but none are believed to still be in service.