Northrop RF-5E Tiger Eye


Like the F-5 fighter programme, this single-seat tactical fighter/reconnaissance aircraft was funded and developed entirely by Northrop for the export market.

The nose radar is replaced with a forward oblique KS-87D1 frame camera and various sensor pallets. Pallet 1 mounts a KA-95B medium altitude panoramic camera, a KA-56E low-altitude panoramic camera and an RS-710E IR Linescan. Pallet 2 combines a KA-56E camera with a KA-93B6 panoramic camera. Pallet 3 is for LOROP (Long Range Oblique Photo) missions and has a KS-174A camera.

RF-5E from below

First flown in January 1982 the aircraft has been sold to Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Taiwan have also operated six RF-5E aircraft since 1997, when they were converted from F-5E's by a Singaporean defence company. The aircraft are operated by the Fourth squadron from Taichung's CCK air base.