General Dynamics RF-111C

RF-111C The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) took deliver of around 24 F-111 in the early 1970ís. Four aircraft (Serials: A8-126, A8-134, A8-143 and A8-146) were later converted into RF-111C aircraft, providing a dedicated reconnaissance platform. The sensors are mounted to a pallet adapted from the aircraftís internal weapons bay and comprise KA-56E low altitude and KA-94A4 high altitude panoramic cameras, a pair of CAI KS-87C semi-oblique framing cameras, a Honeywell AAD-5 IRLS and an electro-optical viewfinder. With excellent range and performance these aircraft are particularly suited to operations over the vast expanse of Australia and elsewhere.

Operated by 82 Wing from RAAF Amberley, the aircraft, a number of aircraft were deployed for the first time in 2000 to assist in mapping East Timor after the disturbances in that region. 82 Wing deployed a mixed detachment of personnel and aircraft from 82 Wg, 1 Sqn, 6 Sqn and 23 Sqn to RAAF Base Tindal in the Northern Territories to fly reconnaissance missions in support of INTERFET, the stabilisation force that occupied East Timor after the Indonesians had departed.

RF-111C photo bay

The various photographic sensors allowed the RF-111Cís to conduct multiple photo runs at varying altitudes to obtain the best imagery. To ensure the RF-111Cís reconnaissance equipment is up to date, all the aircraft underwent an Avionics Update Programme in the late 1990ís and are capable of serving effectively for many more years