Piaggio-Douglas PD-808GE


Five Piaggio-Douglas PD-808GE aircraft are operated by the Italian Air Force the Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AMI) and are based at Pratica di Mare airbase near Rome. The aircraft are used mainly to train radar operators to operate in an ECM environment but they have a secondary role as ELINT aircraft. However, the ageing equipment is mainly used to support other missions, as well as for providing ESM (Electronic Support Measures) activities.

PD-808GE - final flight

Operating in a passive role the aircraft's sensors can intercept, localise and identify electromagnetic sources, but the low power of the on-board jammers available, prevent the aircraft from actively disrupting enemy transmission.

The final sortie of an AMI PD-808 took place on 17 May 03 at Pratica di Mare and all the aircraft have now been withdrawn from service.