Grumman OV-1D / RV-1D Mohawk

OV 1D Mohawk Originally designed in the late 1950’s for Forward Air Control (FAC) and later produced as a dedicated reconnaissance platform, both types served at various locations with the US Army in Europe.

The original version was the RV-1C Quick Look 1 and the EV-1 which was developed in 1974. The OV-1D was equipped with a Motorola APS-94F SLAR giving it a slant range of over 60 miles; the radar picture could be datalinked to a ground station – an improved SLAR was later installed called E_SCAN.

Crewed by a pilot and systems operator, the RV-1D equipped for ELINT with pods under each wing and the ‘Quick Look II’ – used to identify, classify and locate Warsaw Pact radars. These aircraft were fitted with an AN/ALQ-133 radar detection system built by United Technologies of Texas and were again connected to ground stations by a data link. The aircraft were stationed at Wiesbaden.

Two OV-1D aircraft supplied to Israel. There is an unconfirmed rumour that two EV-1E aircraft were also supplied – these aircraft are dedicated ELINT platforms. In mid-1983 and number of OV-1Ds were refurbished, equipped with new cameras, IRLS and SLAR and were then supplied to Pakistan for surveillance duties along their border with India.