Jaguar EMI Recce Pod

The first fitting of the pod to a II Sqn Jaguar

When the RAFís version of the Jaguar was introduced into service, a new reconnaissance pod was required to equip those aircraft designated to undertake reconnaissance duties. Despite the poor performance and reliability of the EMI reconnaissance pod, which equipped the RAF F-4 Phantomís engaged in reconnaissance duties, it was decided to utilize the EMI podís infra-red linescan imager equipment for the Jaguar pod when the Phantom reconnaissance pod was withdrawn from service.

EMI designed and built a large recce pod specifically for the Jaguar operating in low and medium level reconnaissance duties. The pod was 5800mm long, 648mm wide, weighed a maximum of 560kgs and was limited to 4Ĺ G.

The first fitting of the pod to a II Sqn Jaguar

The pod contained a variety of cameras depending on whether the role required was either low or medium level. In the low level role, the pod was equipped with a single Vinten F95 Mk 7 camera with a 6 inch lens in the nose. A fan of four horizon to horizon Vinten F95 Mk 10 cameras two with 3 inch and two with 1.5 inch lenses in the middle. The forward looking camera and the two low oblique cameras were mounted in a front drum unit, the two high oblique cameras were mounted in a rear drum unit. Optically accurate glass windows were fitted across the drum skins at each camera position and, when not in use, these were shrouded by the pod structure. When required for use, the drums rotated 180 degrees, exposing the glass windows. The cameras in the rear drum were mounted on an easily removeable role change module, forming part of the drum structure and could be replaced by a similar module mounting a vertical F126 survey camera with a 6 inch lens, when the pod was required to undertake a medium level role.

Jaguar GR1a of II Sqn

The EMI 401 infra-red linescan imager was mounted in the rear of the pod and had an across track field view of 120 degrees. The unit could be offset 30 degrees port or starboard, giving a coverage capability of 180 degrees in 120 degree sectors.

The pod was also equipped with a self-contained air conditioning system and a data convertor unit (DCU). The DCU was mounted in the pod structure immediately aft of the air conditioning unit, accepted inputs from the aircrafts NAVWASS system and annotated the camera and IRLS films. The Jaguar EMI Recconnaissance pod was withdrawn from service in the 1990s and replaced with the Vinten Vicon 18 series 601 electro-optical reconnaissance system.