Dassault Falcon 20

Falcon 20

The commercial success of the Falcon 20 encouraged various air forces to consider also utilising this aircraft for EW and SIGINT operations. Spain is known to operate two ex-VIP Falcon 20s with Escuadron 408 at Torrejon in the COMINT role, serial numbers TM.11-3 ‘408-11’ and TM.11-3 ‘408-12’.

The 2 aircraft were modified by AISA at Cuatro Vientos using Spanish developed electronics and are easily identified by two large blade aerials mounted on the top of the fuselage. The Falcon 20’s endurance of 4 hours limits the aircraft’s radius of action to Spain’s maritime borders and the North African coast.

Pakistan also operates two Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft for ELINT/ECM tasks which are usually targeted against India