Lockheed Electra

 Argentinian Electra

Initially designed in the mid 1950's as a civilian airliner, the Lockheed Electra was the first turboprop airliner when it entered service with American Airlines in 1957. However, two mysterious crashes, caused by a faulty engine mounting design, caused many potential buyers to lose confidence in the design and by the time the problem was resolved in 1961, many airlines had already decided to order jet aircraft instead. Eventually, a total of 170 Electra's were built and many were converted into freighter/passenger aircraft by fitting a strengthened floor and a large cargo door.

 Argentinian Electra 0793

In the early 1980's the Argentine Navy purchased four L-188A Electras which they then converted into maritime patrol aircraft by installing an APS-705 radar in an underfuselage radome. One aircraft, serial 0793, was later converted by Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) into an ELINT platform and operated for a number of years carrying a wide variety of electronic sensors. The aircraft has subsequently been retired to the Museum of Navy Aviation at Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aries province.