Gulfstream III

 Indian Gulfstream III SRA VT-ENR

The Indian Air Force operates a single Gulfstream III SRA , registered as VT-ENR, for ELINT duties. The aircraft is usually based at Palam Air Force Station and is targeted almost exclusively against Pakistan.

A regular visitor to the site sent me the following photos and asked if I knew which country operated this mysterious Gulfstream III. The aircraft is devoid of national markings (probably digitally removed) and is fitted with what appears to be a LOROP camera pointing out of a window in the front part of the starboard fuselage and possibly other cameras looking out of the bottom of the fuselage.

Photorecce Gulfstream III Photorecce Gulfstream III

Photorecce Gulfstream III Photorecce Gulfstream III

 Indian Gulfstream III K2961

I suspect that the aircraft is actually operated by India, as they operate at least one other Gulfstream III for ELINT operations painted in a very similar colour scheme, so using another for photo reconnaissance makes sense. However, there are a number of other possibilities and I am keen to hear from anyone who can positively identify who operates this unique reconnaissance aircraft.