AMX International AMX

AMX with Orpheus pod

Development of the AMX started in 1978 when Aeritalia (now Alenia) and Aermacchi joined forces to develop an advanced strike/reconnaissance aircraft for the Italian Air Force. The programme gathered momentum when the Brazilian company Embraer joined the 2 Italian companies in 1980 and a common specification was agreed. The aircraft is powered by a single RR 168 Spey turbofan built under licence developing just over 11,000 lb st thrust.

The initial order of 266 aircraft was made up of 79 aircraft for Brazil and 187 for Italy together with a number of prototypes. The aircraft's maiden flight took place in May 1984 in Italy and the aircraft entered service with the Italian and Brazilian air forces in 1989. By mid-1993 over 70 AMX's had been delivered to the Italian Air Force where they equip 5 attack/recce squadrons with 3 wings comprising 2, 3 and 51 Stormi. When tasked for recconnaissance duties the aircraft often carry the Orpheus recce pod.